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Clemens Barth / DP am Set / About Me

Clemens Barth is a german cinematographer who studied audiovisual media/cinematography at the Beuth university of applied science in Berlin. During his studies he took over the camera work for various films, including In pochenden Zellen, (Achtung Berlin! festival in the competition "short film") and Rumours, which made it to the finals of the STUDENT ACADEMY AWARDS in 2019. since graduation, he has worked as a freelance cinematographer in feature films, documentaries, music videos as well as commercials. in 2020 he finalized the documentaries Stadt Ohne Morgen and Und Jetzt Wir! which were produced on behalf of Clubcommission Berlin e.V., arte and zdf.

Between narrative and cinematic works, Clemens Barth also shoots music videos for artists such as Salò, Dagobert, IZZI BIZZI, Emily D'angelo and LIALIA. He is active in photography and primarily portrays actors, musicians and artists (including Leonard Kunz, Maximilian Mauff, Andreas Vey). Starting from the summer of 2021, he has been responsible for the image design in the performances of the play ÖDIPUS (director: Thomas Ostermeier, book: Maja Zade) at the Schaubühne in Berlin.


In 2022 he took over the cinematography for the feature films Renata & Antonio and SUGAR (cast: Oliver Mommsen, Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Jule Hermann, Katharina Hirschberg) which were produced together with director Julius Gause.

For all of his works it is important to develop a distinctive visual language. the inspiration during the development mostly comes from all kind of art forms: music, literature, paintings, sculptures, fashion, photography, films etc. to create something new he thinks influence should come from different directions. another important element is the relation to the director and the crew. film is a collaborative artform. if you keep an energetic and inspirational spirit within a collaborative workflow, you create something unique.  movies need to have their own voice, their own visual style to make people listen to them and their message. 

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